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The historical gift that Meghan Markle will receive before the wedding

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Frumoasa actriță Meghan Markle și prințul Harry vor avea parte de o nuntă de vis în luna mai a acestui an. Înainte de nuntă, ei vor primi un cadou special din partea Familiei Regale, care are o tradiție ce datează din Evul Mediu.

Știm că ești curioasă, așa că vezi mai jos ce cadou vor primi cei doi îndrăgostiți înainte de nuntă!

The Royal Family Spokesman said Meghan and Prince Harry would receive their own coat of arms as a wedding gift. And Prince William received such a coat of arms at the wedding with the Duchess of Cambridge, which embodies animal symbols specific to Scotland, the English lion, and the Scottish unicorn.

Meghan is not a noble vine, just as Kate was not before marriage to Prince William. However, the Royal Family decided that the families of Kate and Meghan would receive stealth.

For Kate’s family, a three-acre coat of arms was made, each representing a Middleton child. You probably wonder why just the acorn was chosen to represent the princess family. The answer is simple: in Kate’s hometown, Bucklebury, acorn symbolizes youth, birth, spiritual evolution, luck and power.

If the protocol is respected, the coat of arms of the Meghan family will first be presented to her father. Most likely, the coat of arms will symbolize the fame of the actress, represented by stars or strips of red, white and blue.

One thing is certain: we know for certain that the decision will not be easy to take, because the coat will remain in history and probably will be left to the descendants!

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