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Star Wars fans want Meryl Streep to play Princess Leia in the new movie

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Star Wars fans want Meryl Streep to play Princess Leia in the new movie. In this respect, a perimeter has been opened that has already gathered over 8,000 signatures, BBC News writes.

The role of Luke Skywalker’s sister has been played by actress Carrie Fisher so far, but she died in December 2016, and franchisees must find a replacement. Film fans believe the triple winner of the Oscar, Meryl Streep would be an ideal candidate and have made a petition in this regard.

“With three Oscars won and 20 nominations (probably 21, next year) at the moment, his film achievements have long been recognized. As a close friend of Carrie Fisher, Meryl Streep may feel a great deal of pressure on Leia. Still, we believe with conviction that it is the best chance to carry Carrie Fisher’s cinematographic heritage in Episode IX, “the petition said.

The petition reminds us that Streep starred in the movie “Postcards from the Edge” written by Carrie Fisher’s book, and her character inspired herself from the life of the author. “This means that Meryl Streep played Carrie Fisher. In addition to being nominated for Best Actress Oscar for this role, Streep has also become a good friend of Fisher after this film, “I write the fans.

Although more than 8,500 people signed the petition, there are many Star Wars fans, who refuse the idea saying that the role of Princess Leia should not be continued after Fisher’s death.

Princess Leia will be at the heart of the ninth episode of the franchise, scheduled for release in December 2019.

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