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Jeremy Meeks, called “the sexiest offender in the world,” would soon be marrying. His girlfriend is the daughter of a British billionaire

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Jeremy Meeks, “the most sexiest offender in the world,” would soon be marrying Chloe Green, the heir of the Topshop empire, about whom the press learned she was pregnant. The only problem with the two is that Jeremy is in the divorce proceedings of his ex-wife, Daily Mail writes.

Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green met last year at the Cannes Film Festival after Meeks came out of prison. The two are currently one of the most wanted couples.


Jeremy Meeks’s life has changed completely after he left prison. But the former prisoner, who became famous after his photo of police filed around the Internet, and women around the world have asked for his release saying he is too nice to sit behind bars, is still married to Melissa with whom he has a baby.

Meeks’ love, Chloe Green, is the daughter of British billionaire Sir Phillip Green. Her Topshop heir wants to make a wedding as soon as possible. Sources close to it said that as soon as Meeks’s divorce was declared, the two will change their vows in an intimate ceremony in Florida.

“Wedding invitations are gullible and the wedding is scheduled to take place in early April in an intimate Miami location. There will be a lot of very wealthy and famous people, “a source told the newspaper.

The two expect the divorce to be pronounced these days, especially after Jeremy agreed to support his ex-wife’s family and pay him $ 1,000 a month for their son Jeremy Meeks Jr., eight years from November 1, 2017. They also established joint custody for their son.

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