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Will Smith had a meeting with the Sophia robot. How was the conversation between the two

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Famous actor Will Simth went out to meet the Sophia robot at a romantic location in the Cayman Islands. Famous for his role in I, Robot, Will Smith tried to kiss Sophia at one point, but her reaction was unexpected.

Will Smith posted on his Instagram page a snapshot shot when he was trying to kiss Sophia along with the message: “I just met Sophia the robot. I did not like … I think it was based on my experience with robots. ”

During the conversation, Will Smith tried to impress Sophia by saying jokes or praising his musical albums, but the robot did not understand this, and her answers were very short on the subject.

The entire conversation between the two was filmed and posted on the actor’s Youtube account reaching nearly 3 million views in two days.

The Sophia robot comes to Bucharest in May on the 11th. This is the first robot in the world to receive the citizenship of a state.

The Sophia robot was created in Hong Kong by Hanson Robotics in the context that Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, or Elon Musk publicly expressed fears that robots endowed with artificial intelligence could bring about the end of human civilization.

Sophia, a robot equipped with artificial intelligence and extremely complex functions, says she wants a family.

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