Man dumps $10K worth of housemate’s belongings on street

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A WOMAN who was all packed and ready to move out of her Bondi apartment has been left with nothing after her roommate misunderstood a text she sent him and dumped all of her belongings onto the street.

Loni Evans, who is originally from Wales, was living in an apartment on Old South Head Road on the eastern suburbs but was about to relocated to Maroubra, another beachside suburb in Sydney.

It wasn’t until Ms Evans received a call from a friend at work — who told her they’d found her passport on the street — that she realised something was wrong.

Speaking to Yahoo7, Ms Evans said she immediately thought it was her landlord but decided to give her flatmate a call first.

The 29-year-old had asked him “to move all the rubbish out of the house”.

“I burst into tears and called my landlord thinking he’d thrown it out. I called my roommate and said ‘please tell me you didn’t throw my stuff’ and his reply was ‘What? Yes, I took everything out of the house like you said’,” she said.

Despite Ms Evans not blaming her roommate for the misunderstanding, she still admitted it was “total stupidity” in a Facebook post appealing for information.

“I cannot get my head around it,’ she wrote.

“Emergency: If anyone has taken anything from outside 373 Old South Head Road North Bondi above mob hair on Sunday night / Monday morning please bring it back to me.

“Loads of different people have ransacked it and taken it all,” she appealed.

But Ms Evans didn’t just lose her passport.

The 29-year-old estimated her lost items were worth around $10,000 — including several pieces of sentimental jewellery, a professional camera and most of her clothing.

She’s also missing brand new KYLIE make up and a number of bikinis.

“There were Swarovski crystal earrings, six Swarovski necklaces, a gold bangle and Chanel gold earrings,” she told Yahoo7.

After the call with her roommate, Ms Evans rushed home to her Bondi apartment, passing several pairs of her underwear strewn across the street on the way.

“[I was] heartbroken to see empty bags where my life was,” she said.

Since losing everything earlier this week, Ms Evans is still on the hunt for her items.

She plastered posters throughout Bondi, listing everything she was missing in a bid to let people know it was all just a big misunderstanding.

One neighbour has since called Ms Evans and said he managed to grab six pieces of activewear from the street.

The 29-year-old also posted to Facebook and a friend of Ms Evans is also asking for help.

“Emergency! If anyone has taken anything from outside Old South Head Road North Bondi above Mob Hair in the last 24 hours please contact Loni Evans — it wasn’t supposed to be thrown out it’s all her personal belongings, please share!” she wrote.

And despite Ms Evans losing everything, she doesn’t harbour any ill will towards her roommate.

“I’m not blaming my flatmate as he’s said it was a genuine accident but I’m thinking: ‘How can someone be so stupid?’,” she said.

The 29-year-old said she just wants her “life” back.

“If you’ve got any of my belongings and you know it’s too good to be thrown away and you can see they’re sentimental items please call me,” she said.

“I’m not accusing them of stealing, I would like to think if I was in the situation I’d take things but if I saw someone begging for them back and saying that their whole life has been taken, I’d bring them back,” she added.

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