Breathtaking aerial shots of land- and cityscapes from above

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There is nothing quite like seeing the world from a different point of view. And while most people cannot always be travelling, at least there is always creative, intriguing and breathtaking photography to inspire us to start planning our next trip. One such example is a new series of stunning aerial shots that showcase the beauty of natural landscapes and urban life in different locations around the world.

Lake Powell in Utah, USA. Image by Gary Cummins Photography

Taken by Gary Cummins, an Irish photographer now living in Toronto, Canada, the project includes diverse locations and sites such as colourful Hong Kong tennis courts, the craggy, rocky mass of Vagar in the Faroe Islands, Lake Powell in Utah during sunset, Toronto’s freeways at night-time, sleeping subway cars in New York City and the waves crashing on a beach in Tramore, Ireland.

An image titled Fully Booked, taken in Hong Kong. Image by Gary Cummins Photography

“I try to capture the world in a way that represents how it makes me feel. Armed with my camera and my drone I venture out into the city streets and wildernesses of our planet to try and get a different perspective on things. We spend a lot of the time looking straight ahead, or at the ground. Having a bird’s-eye view of things makes for a whole new world to explore,” Gary told Lonely Planet Travel News.

A photograph taken at Vagar in the Faroe Islands.A photograph taken at Vagar in the Faroe Islands. Image by Gary Cummins Photography

Gary first became interested in drone photography as a way to expand his view when it came to taking travel shots, harnessing the technology to enable him to get images that would have proven impossible otherwise.

Night Lights, taken in Toronto, Canada.Night Lights, taken in Toronto, Canada. Image by Gary Cummins Photography

“I have learned that there is more to the world around us than meets the eye. Getting up above things, around the back of things or right up beside things that are humanly out of our reach has opened up a door to a new world of images,” Gary said.

The waves on a beach in Tramore, Ireland.The waves on a beach in Tramore, Ireland. Image by Gary Cummins Photography

The photographer also said that the response to his work has proven extremely positive, with viewers being genuinely curious about where and how his images were taken, commenting on how refreshing it is to see places from a new angle.

More of Gary’s photography is available on his Instagram account.

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