23andMe gathers data on health conditions and treatments

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Some experts have warned of the risks in giving consumers more control in their genetic health. 23andMe faced some backlash last month when the Food and Drug Administration approved an at-home test that screens for three mutations in a common type of breast cancer gene.

Insights into a patient’s genetics can help in understanding one’s risk and can be important for prevention, diagnosis and management for many medical conditions, said Dr. Peter Hulick, medical director of the center for personalized medicine at NorthShore University HealthSystem. But without proper understanding, results can create undue stress, he said.

“That is why it’s extremely important for patients and physicians to work together to determine the right genetic tests at the right time and include other factors important in one’s health history,” he said in an email. “Efforts to increase availability of educational resources will help patients have important, and more meaningful conversations with their physicians/health care team.”

With the new condition pages, 23andMe is not itself recommending any treatments. Instead, the company says it’s giving people different information than they would find from a simple internet search.

A disclaimer at the bottom of the screen suggests users consider consulting a health-care professional if they’re in need of treatments.

Source link – https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/19/23andme-gathers-data-on-health-conditions-and-treatments.html

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